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14 Sept 2020
Posted by Sneha Ale

A product is something made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by the customer; we'll make you that brand!

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies is changing the image of promoting FMCG Industries everywhere. The globe is filled with tremendously working for industries or companies. But, if we say the entire mass marketing industry, then it’s the only one, i.e., FMCG Company (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). No other companies can compete with the FMCG Industries in mass media marketing. Hence, FMCG depends on marketing for its sales. Nowadays most are searching for online help if they need something. So Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies will Increase engagement, boost their reach, and improve business growth.

With the boom of technology within the era, the trend of doing things online is more preferential then offline. Then, what steps the FMCG sector must take in that context? The concept is extremely straightforward because the Industry sees online-medium as one another medium to interact with the customers besides the offline sales. Online media is changing the landscape for marketers everywhere, especially within the FMCG industries. Commonly, campaigns for each FMCG goods would depend on determining the correct marketing mix of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) that will best influence the target audience’s purchase decisions. This day, however, consumers are making buying-decisions differently and with this, strategies aimed toward impacting this process need to evolve as well.

Consumers now are exposed to their phone and laptop screens over traditional media like television, newspapers, and billboards. There also is a growing number of consumers preferring to buy online for FMCG products instead of visiting a physical store. Consistent with a report by Google and Bain and Co. $11 billion, or two-thirds, of the entire sales in beauty and hygiene products are influenced through online marketing. In today’s digital era, a powerful digital marketing strategy is indispensable for FMCG brands.

How Digital Marketing Can Benefit FMCG Brands

Incorporating a powerful digital marketing strategy within the overall marketing mix offers many clear advantages to brands

1. It helps distinguish your brand

The FMCG sector is marked by a large kind of similar products, which offer consumers a good range to decide on from. One of the most important advantages of getting a good digital marketing strategy in place is that it helps brands create a unique brand identity. This helps consumers form a powerful opinion of the brand, which can ultimately influence their purchase decision

2. It provides a new ways to display your brand

In the traditional way for FMCG product marketing, the product display was considered the most important factor which influence purchase decisions. Consumers are visual creatures, that the more attractive your packaging, the higher the possibility of it being noticed by them. In much a similar way, digital marketing for FMCG companies will be approached as a virtual shelf display. it's more than effective as a physical display because it helps you reach out to your specific targeted consumers, making your overall marketing strategy more cost-effective. This allows top-of-mind awareness, which may influence purchase decisions. Digital marketing also allows you to position your products contextualize. Through tools like AdWords Smart Display, Social-Media, you'll showcase your products while consumers browse through similar categories. As an example, if you're a skincare brand, you'll display your ads next to beauty blogs your consumers are browsing through.

3. It Allows you to achieve Consumer Insights and Increase ROI

One of the most important advantages digital marketing has over traditional marketing is that it helps you track every facet of your marketing efforts. FMCG products spend large sums on hoardings, TV commercials, print ads, radio ads and more. However, the results of those campaigns are very difficult to measure effectively. While speculative figures are produced, there's no way to make a definite conclusion. Internet marketing, on the other hand, helps you track and measure every aspect of your campaign. With the assistance of analytic tools, brands can recover information about a number of impressions, clicks, conversions and more. It also lets them conclude exactly which had prompted the consumer to form the purchase. Advanced analytics can even allow you to gain deep consumer insights. This will help you create campaigns and content that your audience will actually find engaging. With the convenience of tracking digital marketing offers, FMCG brands can refine their strategies and make them less expensive.

4. Mobile usage is only getting to grow from here

Offline purchases might still form the bulk of FMCG sales but the longer term belongs to mobile phones. Mobile phones and high speed, affordable internet have access to almost every section of the Indian audience. A major portion of Indian consumers are buying FMCG products online through various apps and this number is just progressing to grow. Digital marketing trends in FMCG have to maintain with the increasing volume of consumers preferring to buy online.

Here are five quick tips to get you started;

1) Set targets

As with any digital marketing campaign, you need to know what you're looking to achieve and what you're getting back. Too often brands waste funds on campaigns without understanding what success seems like or what they're getting for the budget. Many FMCG brands don’t sell products directly on their website so it’s impossible to measure an on the spot ROI. Unfortunately, this will lead to lazy strategies that have limited performance measurements.

  • 01. Traffic Increases
  • 02. Time on Site
  • 03. Bounce Rate
  • 04 Social Engagement
  • 05. Organic Ranking Improvements

2) Research your audience

Audience research is important for any type of marketing. From a digital perspective, this is often especially important for developing content strategies. A typical mistake we see is that brands adopt a “one size fits all” approach to content marketing – creating one piece of content that they hope will engage their entire audience.

3) Own your own brand space

Once you understand who your audience is and have set your targets the following step is to make sure you own your brand space. This isn’t just limited to purchasing the relevant URL, setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts and trusting in your development agency to “take care of SEO”. Owning your brand space from an SEO perspective will take some work from an organic perspective and if you've got competitors bidding on your brand within the paid realm of digital it is very damaging.

4) Don’t waste money on poorly targeted paid media campaigns

If you were spending money on a television advert would you like it to run on a channel that didn’t match your target demographic? It seems obvious, yet from our experience, FMCG brands are amongst the worst when it involves poorly targeted paid media campaigns.

Spending time to line up carefully targeted audience segments in Facebook advertising should be a given – but attempt to make sure you use Google’s various bid modifiers too. If you recognize your core audience segment is females aged 45-65 then adapt your bids to spend more on consumers who are more likely to engage together with your brand, instead of spending large percentages of your budget on 18-year-old males.

5) Don’t sell your product on-site? Integrate someone who does…

One of the reasons we see digital marketing being deprioritized by FMCG brands is that they don’t sell their products directly online so that they can’t tie back results to an immediate ROI like travel or retail brands can. However, consumers are buying FMCG products online.

“Total global online FMCG sales are expected to reach as high as US$400 billion by 2022. Consumers’ buying habits are shifting toward online, and their changing product preferences have created the need for FMCG companies to address demand and consider FMCG e- commerce integral to their overall business strategies.”

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