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Terms & Conditions

Payment :

- Clients need to pay total advance payment before the month starts, after receiving payment we will start work.

- Before 8 days, First DigiAdd will give you an update on next month's confirmation, and before 5 days, First DigiAdd will share an invoice.

- If a client's payment or confirmation is late, the client should provide a deadline; if the deadline is not met, First DigiAdd has the right to stop all project activity.

- First DigiAdd only accepts full payments before the start of the month, not in installments.

- If the client's plan confirmation is delayed, then First DigiAdd must need at least three days for planning.

- Project start date & end date is only for 30 days, it is not extended due to any problems from the client side.

Work Terms :

- According to our business policy, If a client wants any urgent post they need to inform us 1 day in advance. Will not provide any posts on the same day.

- After receiving client approval of the Month Confirmation, First DigiAdd will submit the post topics and strategy. (If a client wants to change strategy or topics then they can suggest it on the same day or before giving approval of that strategy. We make a plan for a month so it's very hard to change on time).

- If a client requires any extra posts or videos that aren't included in the plan, then the client needs to charge an additional cost.

- Images will be provided in AI and PSD formats. (We offer posts for Social Media Marketing and don't offer printing work.

- If a client requires printing work for any post, First DigiAdd will charge an additional fee based on the client's requirements).

- Except from the plan, there is an extra paid campaign creation and setup fee of Rs. 1500/- campaign.

Creative Images & Video Terms:

- For the creatives, the client can give the changes at once, if the changes are not met by First DigiAdd, they will be changed.

- Due to changes in content & design, only one person in the group coordinates with our social media executive & graphic designer.

After project completion terms:

- When the project completes, First DigiAdd will provide all the details within 5 days, and the client must verify them. After then, First DigiAdd will not be responsible for any issues that will come in the future.

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